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This year's conference will be taking place at the Movenpick Hotel Amsterdam.


The conference is now over, but you can view a selection of our photos.

This event is now over.

The Renewable Plastics Conference will not be running in 2014 but you may be interested our new event in this market, the Bio-based Global Summit 2014, click here for details.


About The Renewable Plastics Conference

The concept of sustainability, environmental responsibility, and green thinking in general has risen to the top of the political and consumer agenda over the past few years. The focus has moved from waste management to carbon footprint and resource efficiency.

Now in its 4th year, the
Renewable Plastics Conference will examine how the renewable plastics industry will evolve in the future. Over the two days, we will provide you with current essential information on the key issues surrounding this area and an update on recent technological developments.  

Reasons to register your participation

  • Assess the place of bio based materials in the Nestlé packaging environmental sustainability strategy
  • Analyse Coca Cola’s strategy on PlantBottle
  • Understand renewable bio-derived plastics in cosmetics product packaging
  • Analyse key drivers in current and future resin markets in Europe
  • Gain insight in the current EU legislation and policies
  • Explore the macro environment for bioplastics in Asia
  • Investigate global trends in renewable plastics
  • Update on PHA cellulose materials
  • Survey end user perspectives: why biobased plastics?
  • Discuss end-of-life - strongly increased recycling targets for plastics
  • Assess plastics producer perspectives: why biobased plastics?
  • Examine natural fibre reinforcement for plastics

Click here to view the list of confirmed speakers.

View the complete programme here.



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